There is now a pandemic of obesity, and the problem is causing increasing levels of type 2 diabetes. Cooperation with effective pharmacy weight loss programmes can reliably provide rapid and potentially long-term clinical benefits from weight loss. Stephen Kreitzman and Valerie Beeson explain how Lipotrim can help

diabetes is a progressively debilitating disease, often requiring increasingly aggressive therapy. The treatment protocols with oral hypoglycaemics usually lead to increasing body weight. The increased weight degrades insulin sensitivity and can ultimately lead to a need for insulin. With insulin, a common outcome is yet further weight gain, and the disease gets increasingly worse. This entire cascade of events can be avoided.
There are really two basic facts to consider. The first is that type 2 diabetes is a disease that has a primary aetiology, which is close to 100% reversibility related to excess body weight. The second fact is that diabetic patients can lose enough weight within a few days to bring their blood sugars under control and enough further weight within weeks to crucially reduce cardiovascular risk factors and apparently keep the disease in remission, even with some weight regain.

Achieving a maximum safe rate of weight loss
Modest reductions in calories can theoretically result in weight loss. Of course, the modest reduction has to be from the equilibrium level, not from current intake. If a person is overeating by 2,000 calories a day (very common in the obese), a modest reduction in calorie intake will not cause weight loss.
There is a maximum rate of weight loss for any individual. A total fast provides zero calories and therefore requires that all the calories necessary for life come from the body fuel reserves. A total fast, however, provides no nutrients, and since an obese patient has a far greater reserve of calories than stores of other essential nutrients, a total fast is out of the question as a treatment. To be healthy, a diet has to supply adequate essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. A total fast cannot be a valid treatment for obesity. The simple idea of reducing fat levels in an enteral formula solves both the calorie and the nutrient problem. An ideal nutritional product with the absolute minimum of calories consistent with a healthy diet is achieved. Lipotrim is an example of such a product, providing a maximum safe rate of weight loss. The literature on safety and efficacy is massive. The time has really come to pay attention to it.
There is also extensive literature on the beneficial effects of weight loss on cardiovascular risk factors, on blood lipid profiles and on blood pressure. Managing weight in practice, however, can be time consuming. The beneficial results from substantial and rapid weight loss on the glycaemic control and the cardiovascular risk factors more than justify consideration of this approach. Cooperative efforts with local pharmacists, however, benefit patients, pharmacists and also the primary care
Weight is extremely important to patients and has a critical influence on the clinical course of type 2 diabetes. It would appear prudent and considerate to give diabetic patients an opportunity to lose weight using Lipotrim under your own care or encourage them to seek care from a local pharmacist.

Stephen Kreitzman PhD RNutr, Valerie Beeson Clinical Programme Director