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Foreword 3 John Hancock, Editor

Diabetes and Obesity
A Modern Problem; an Eternal Obstacle 3
Stephen Kreitzman Ph.D, R.Nutr. Valerie Beeson, Shawm Kreitzman, Howard Foundation Research, Cambridge UK

The Case for VLCDs over Medication Benefits of Rapid Weight Loss Overeating Akin to Alcoholism The Lipotrim Alternative
No Excuse for the Current Level of Type 2 Diabetes
Prevention More Cost Effective than Treatment 10
John Hancock

Prevalence and Impact A Range of Solutions Shortfalls in Care
A Lack of Awareness
Prevention More Cost Effective than Treatment Stronger Together
Reform to Rethink
Make What Works Work Well 12

Not Unseen but not Understood
A Realistic and Achievable Programme Achieving and Maintaining a Healthy Weight An Integrated Approach
Education for Better Outcomes

Lipotrim 14 Camilla Slade, Staff Writer

Too Much and Too Little Less Calories, Less Weight
Reform to Rethink 15
Camilla Slade, Staff Writer

GPs at the Heart of Things NHS Diabetes
Getting it Right Matters Nutrition
Make What Works Work Well 17
John Hancock

Facing the Real Issue
Different Solutions; Same Objective Planned, Agreed and Appropriate
References 18